Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

As an entrepreneur, you have many tasks that top your list. You, as a helmsman, should keep all the trivial jobs at bay and spend your precious time in building foolproof strategies and implementing them. The best business model we have to offer you is the Staff Augmentation wherein our Microsoft Dynamics consultants will work from our office only on your project. You don’t need to bother with anything; instead, you simply focus on expanding your business.

What is Staff Augmentation model?

Akkomplish is one of the recognized IT solution providing companies in India with its mastery in dealing with all sorts of Microsoft Dynamics tools and technologies. Our techies are certified and experienced gurus in MS technologies. The Staff Augmentation model enables you to choose the best talent we have and make your own team that will obey your instructions.

In other words, you own the team and you can add or remove any person from the team. The best part of this model is you don’t need to invest anything on staff payroll and other stuff.

Business benefit features

If you sign a deal with Akkomplish on Staff Augmentation model, you are assured to have an array of business benefits. Here are a few to mention.

  • You choose the best people; the team is yours!
  • You may even hire domain expertise from other fields for your project
  • Successful execution as you wish as you plan and drive the entire force
  • Quality guaranteed because we handpick the best resources

How is Staff Augmentation better at Akkomplish?

While other IT solution companies in India offer quite similar models, Akkomplish differs in many ways. Here are a few things that make a preferred choice for Microsoft Dynamics projects staff augmentation:
  • Easy to go with the model; user friendly
  • Staff controlling in your hand
  • Easy adoption, software cycle management, and execution
  • Leverage the super expertise of our certified MS Dynamics experts
  • Free project management services
  • Internal process integration
  • Project timeline match
  • Vertical specialists at your services
  • Reduced costs on staff acquiring
In addition to the super benefits of having Staff Augmentation Microsoft Dynamics model, you also have great flexibility on timings. We ensure the proper communication channel and have foolproof daily reporting systems to update you with your project.
You also get genuine licensed software, regular feedback, and the milestone updates so that you are pretty sure on your project execution.
Go for Staff Augmentation model by Akkomplish for any sort of Microsoft Dynamics project to save great costs on infrastructure, staff, development license, training, and maintenance.