Service Industry

Service Industry

If the service industry can get you fame, it can also bring you down. Considered as the most respected and equally risky industry, the service industry asks for great accuracy and timely delivery of everything. It is for this reason, Akkomplish’s Microsoft Dynamics solutions for service industry are a big hit among several mid-sized to large companies all across the world.
  • How sure are you to provide an exceptional service?
  • How confident are you in serving with the latest services, timely?
  • Do you have a real-time insight into all the processes?
  • Do you want to automatize the entire system as you rely less on human power?
When you are spending a significant amount of time in identifying the billable hours, evaluating information to make a strategic decision, or analyzing the entire project detail, you deviate from your main goal –business growth! Breakthrough service industry solutions by Akkomplish will enable you to tackle everything with the help of Microsoft Dynamics’ great technology.

Features of service industry solutions

You can expect several benefits from the tool customized to your business objectives. For instance,
  • Real-time update on crucial cost of the job and finance management
  • Better security and privacy to avoid risks and breaches
  • Accurate analytic tool for better strategic decisions
  • Powerful compliance with international standards and industry requirements
  • Integration of federal guidelines, state and local regulatory boards • A cutting-edge technology back office system
With the help of MS Dynamics service industry solutions by Akkomplish, you can store and fetch data and information of any size. This will help you taking a quicker decision without compromising on accuracy. We extend our solutions not just to retail but also to other related business processes and operations that in turn provide you with a holistic approach to take your business further.
Opt for our service solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technology to have utter visibility throughout the value chain for both internal and external operations and dealings. As a promising enterprise, you can get high-quality solutions at pretty affordable costs in a long run. We help you integrate all related systems such as…
  • Finance
  • Project control
  • Purchase
  • Human resource
  • Customer relationship management
  • Billable hours
  • Budget administration
  • System analysis
  • ERP

Leverage the best benefits

With MS Dynamics solutions for the service industry, you can have a full view of customer information that allows you to identify the high-value customers. You can also increase the customer base by offering them loyalty schemes through software. In addition to that, automated processes will help you manage all the stakeholders.
Contact Akkomplish now and get the bespoke Microsoft Dynamics solutions for service industry of any kind.