Offshore Development Center

Akkomplish’s offshore development center (ODC) is one of the most cost-effective models of business that reduce the overheads and other costs for small, mid-sized, and large companies. In simple words, with Akkomplish’s offshore development center, you can simply extend your office here in India and save a lot. It does not matter which corner of the country you operate from!

What makes ODC the best option?

A dedicated team of techies proficient in concerned technologies will be sitting for you and only you. That said, they are all time occupied for your project and nothing else. The ODC at Akkomplish shall act as your in-house extension where you don’t need to worry about the operations and maintenance of any kind.
The best part of having ODC at Akkomplish is you have a development center in India and that straight away cuts down the costs that otherwise bother you in your own country. Before we contract an ODC, our business and technology consultants help you carry out the blueprint. They match your requirement with our capabilities and then set up the final offshore development center in India.

How can an ODC set you free?

The main purpose of setting up ODC for software outsourcing in India is to bring in cost-effective solutions for your business workflow. Nevertheless, our ODC builds, tests, and deploys software apps and other IT solutions as you want. If needed, our marketing gurus can help you develop better strategies so that you can focus on expanding your business. While we can take care of all of your worries for mobile or web apps development, you are set free to get into your core business without worrying about the overheads, production costs, and expenses the like.

Benefits of ODC

When you sign up for the ODC contract with us, you are assured to have a myriad of benefits.
Reduced overheads and other costs: Akkomplish’s ODC turn fixed costs into variable ones. It offers you freedom to scale the team i.e. remove or add experts based on the market or project requirement. This way, you can reduce the costs without compromising on any quality.
Increased brand value: the ODC business model by us makes you respond faster and better to any business challenges. You can also effectively build business strategies to have a result-oriented approach. This builds your brand further in the market.
Quick turnaround: the faster turnaround is possible with ODC. Shorter time-to-market can make your company competitive and you come up with a better name in concerned products and services.
Akkomplish’s offshore development center (ODC) is proving to provide you seamless access so that you can establish sound and foolproof processes, methods, and framework that facilitate better quality and productivity.