Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As a promising enterprise, you are pretty keen to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. This means you need to market yourself in a smart way and sell your products and services without any barriers. Nevertheless, for such an approach, you require a powerful system that enables you to have social insight and foolproof business strategies. Akkomplish’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM for enterprises simply sums it all.

What wonder can MS Dynamics CRM do for your business?

The CRM product by MS Technologies come with a myriad of features and benefits. The very first known benefit is it helps in reducing the costs and simultaneously increase profitability. The software automatizes core business processes that are closely related to providing best services to the customers or end users –be it marketing, sales, or customer care.
The flexible yet robust system architect developed through Microsoft Dynamics CRM IT solutions allow you to customize business processes so that you can maintain the healthiest relationships with your customers making them further loyal to your products or services.

What do we offer?

Akkomplish’s MS Dynamics CRM for enterprises can offer great benefits to your organization. We help you with the smooth functioning of the business workflow so that you can focus more on expanding your business. Here are the services we offer –

  • Implementing and customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM meeting your business objectives
  • Upgrading the existing or restructuring the legacy systems that fall short of your expectation
  • Migrating any version of Dynamics CRM to the contemporary one
  • Mapping other core systems and architectures with the latest MS CRM
  • Maintenance of the system through professional approach
The best part of MS Dynamics CRM is it can integrate with the tools and software that you are already acquainted with. The solution can get you a perfect control over business processes that help you improve and maintain great relationships with your clients irrespective of their locations.
The latest features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM come with seamless mobile support as well as browser compatibility. It can prove to be a one-stop solution where your customers can get anything they want. The latest features of CRM include –
  • Outlook integration: email tracking is easy. Web app for desktop and phone available
  • Templates for MS Excel: create MS Office Excel sheets directly from the CRM
  • Templates for MS Word: manage a quote or contract with work order and invoice directly
  • Direct access for OneDrive: storing all work data on OneDrive is easier than ever before

Along with these built-in features, Akkomplish’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to further customize the software that will be a perfect match for your business. Contact us now and get the best IT solution.