Distribution Industry

Distribution Industry

The growth in the distribution industry requires a holistic approach as it depends on many other operations. An ever growing market demands rely on the optimization of inventory management, local regulations and compliances, and finally the capital investments. Akkomplish’s Microsoft Dynamics solutions for distribution industry can automatize business processes to fulfill the goals of an organization in a better and quicker way.

Why Microsoft Dynamics for Distribution Industry

A multi-dimensional and unique approach is the key have effective ways of warehousing and delivery. Akkomplish’s Microsoft Dynamics solutions provide distributors with efficient tools for achieving a seamless synergy between logistics and related operations areas, ensuring total supply chain transparency and management.
Our customized solutions facilitate smoother operations in chain management and multisite functions that allow organizations to shoot the business safely and quickly.

Services for Distribution Industry

Under the roof of Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for distribution industry we offer following services:
  • Warehouse management system
  • Sales and supply chain management system
  • Product information system
  • Procurement and sourcing management
If you have existing channels, MS Dynamics by Akkomplish can expand them with a newer approach to global sourcing, cross-selling abilities, third-party transportation, and radio frequency identification. And, if you are into a new distribution channel, we help you to grow without hassles.

Business benefits with Akkomplish

Distribution industry faces great competition and high client service expectation. As a responsible company, you have to implement the cutting-edge management solution to keep up with the challenges. Akkomplish’s Microsoft Dynamics get you the solutions that help you manage all aspects of distribution business right from an entry of an order to procurement to accurate inventory and shipping management. Enterprises opt for MS Dynamics because of the following features:
Powerful technology: it improves control throughout the distribution processes. It also facilitates business intelligence and accesses key manufacturing processes with in-built reporting backed by powerful Microsoft SQL servers.
Agility: Graphical workflow can make the analysis easier and improve the optimization processes. With such a tool, tracking waste, energy consumption, and footprints development are easy to carry out. It will save the overall costs.
Contact Akkomplish for any sort of distribution industry solutions. We excel in Microsoft Dynamics solutions and its related software.