Business Central Functional Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Overview

In this part of blog let me introduce a high level functional over view of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As you are aware Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available in two flavors

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium, both flavors have certain common features

  • New web interface

As true with all other Microsoft Dynamics 365 product offering, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also has highly customizable web interface which is cross browser capable and also certain part of interface is fully optimized for mobile viewing experience. As with NAV you can always customize role center of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with specific view and feed along with notification. Also you can personalize the view only for your self to enable perform several task quickly or get important information.

  • Mobile app

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also comes with full functional mobile APP available for all major mobile OS platform including IOS, Android and windows.  Mobile apps are capable of all major functionality and offers rich set of functionalities.

  • Integration with other Microsoft services

Being part of Microsoft’s cloud strategy, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is capable to integrate with all Dynamics 365 services including Dynamics 365 Sales (formally known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM). Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is also capable of seamlessly integrate with Office 365, Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is natively capable of integrate directly in your outlook and can quickly generate quote based on content of invoice and submit invoice which is famously known as “Quote to Cash” feature.

  • Inbuild BI

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is benefited from Microsoft’s heavy investment in AI and as a result, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is capable of providing more accurate forecasts and better recommendation and very valuable analytics.

  • In client visual editor for customization

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft has made it possible for end user to customize their instance directly from the user interface including editing table data structure, Data entry page design to reporting.

With use of its native capability to integrate with Power BI one can generate very detailed analytics dashboard and with use of power apps and flow one can create customized workflow and integration without writing a single line of code.

As you are aware Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an cloud enabled version of NAV 2018 with several distinct features and thus it includes many of the new capabilities introduced with NAV 2018. As there will not be any new version after NAV 2018 under the brand name NAV , you can also call Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as new version of NAV.

Here is the overview of each functional area of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Finance Management

Being a step up from regular accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers rich set of features in financial management

General Ledger


Can create and manage custom chart of account, indentation, general journals and recurring journals, customizable number series and source codes

Quickly create and manage inventory cost, operational and departmental budgets which directly integrates with general ledger accounts

Fixed Assets


Easily setup and  track fixed assets and related transactions like purchase/acquisition, depreciations, write offs , appreciations and disposals

With its capability to automatically generate audit trail with posting description one can further enhance audit trails via use of user defined reason codes.

Multi Company/Currency


Business Central is capable of handling multiple companies and currencies with facility to amalgamation of financial data from multiple company and  cross currency transactions.

Business central is capable of automatically import and reconcile bank transactions

Bank Account Management


Business central can handle multiple bank accounts in different currencies to handle your diverse business needs

Dimension is the most powerful feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central capable of generating custom analytics . Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is capable of having unlimited dimensions


VAT and Taxation and Regulatory Reports

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers recoding of template which can automate the process of deferring expenses and revenue on a specific schedule

Flexible VAT setup and taxation setup, Country specific VAT and taxation localization is also offered along with local partner is now building their local solutions targeted to business central just like Akkomplish is going to release its highly successful product Akkon at the same time as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is released in Mexico.

CRM - Relational management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is not a full-fledged CRM solution but has some really must have functionality for every business related to CRM which helps businesses to optimize sales efforts.


Leads and opportunity

Create contacts and manage them per entity and their segmentation

Excellent feature of recording lead , communication record. Easily convert a lead to opportunity and to customer and easily track what is going on with sales front.


Integration with Dynamics 365 Sales

Create campaign on target segments and track it

Easily integrate with D 365 sales to synchronize your data including sales order , item , UOM and currencies and inventory status.

Supply Chain Management

One of the vital part of business is to keep track of entire supply chain in real time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers robust supply chain management

Sales Orders

Purchase Orders

Manage sales order , blanket sales order and posting and tracking of sales

Manage purchase order. Blanket orders and tracking and processing of purchases



Posted sales transaction in journals will automatically manages receivable.

Manage inventory across multiple locations including plants, warehouses and retail location or service center.


Item Transfer

Manage items on bin level with pick and put functionality. Capability to move items across bins and track and optimize positioning of stock and picking process.

Easily transfer inventory from one to another location. Track and account the inventory in transits and manage location wise levels

Stock Keeping

Manage inventory levels, track events in inventory and sophisticated reporting on stock keeping reports.

Project Management

Manage resources, plan and schedule jobs and track resource utilization and costs along with resource availability.



Create, group and track each sell resource including man power and equipment.

Create estimates, monitor resource usage with overview of capacity and their availability. Track just in time their relation with orders and planned costs.



Create and manage fixed cost and time and material jobs and estimate them

Manage time registration which can be directly integrated with resource, jobs and services.


Schedule resources for planned capacity and high traceability matrix

Human Resource

Human resource module is significantly upscaled from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Business Edition.



Easily manage employee information including their contact, qualification and contract information. Group and track employee based on their experience, skill set and training.

Track employee availability, their absence and reason for the same. Also directly linked with Project management tracking.

Expense Management

Easily reimburse expenses just like you pay to a vendor

Service Order Management

Service order management is only available with premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Build to support repair and service operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables to overview service management from order processing to manning the service.

Service Order

Price Management

Allows to record service request, routine maintenance.

Manage and monitor service prices for various services

Service Item Management


Manage service items like contract, components and BOM reference along with warranty information

Manage service contract and easily monitor response time, discount levels and SLA and history against each contract.



Plan and manage logistics of people and resources based on their availability and skill set, manage logs and update order status based on logs.

Manage service personal and field technician information and filter according to availability and skill and stock items.

Service KPI

Easily track SLA levels, resource and material used


Manufacturing module is available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central premium subscription. This module offers great set of features to allow business manage and streamline their output.

Production Order

Agile Manufacturing

Create, manage, version production orders and post consumptions and output. Directly integrates with supply chain module this efficient way of handling Quote to delivery process

Offers last minute changes in plan. Plan for rush hours, make and handle exceptions easily with multiple planning options including make to order and make to inventory.

Supply Planning

Demand Forecast

Manage and plan material supply for production based on schedule and material requirement planning. Directly integrates with supply chain module for efficient procurement.

Out of the box capable of generating demand forecast based on inventory level, lead time and manufacturing time along with purchase order and sales order.

Capacity Planning

Work Center/Machine Centers

Manage routing and handle capacity and material requirement planning

Manage work center , machine centers to granularly manage capacity. Machine centers can be grouped to work centers to have an aggregated view of your capacity.

Finite Loading

Based on capacity and plan system ensures that work assigned to work center is within the capacity constrain thus avoiding delays

I know this is very short introduction to a very large set of capabilities of Business Central. Please keep your eye on this blog as I will further explain many of these functional aspects in detail in my next blogs.

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