AkkOn Invoice Portal

AkkOn Invoice Portal

AkkOn invoice portal is a product which helps both SME and large organization equally.


For Small and medium businesses (SME)

Our invoice portal acts as easy to use invoice management solution which offers not just invoice generation but also tracking of payments.

Our portal can also offers purchase order emission to vendor and upload and validation of vendor invoices with or without link to purchase order. This will allow SME to have both sales and purchase invoices and orders at one place with easy to use workflow enabled solution.


For Large Corp orates


We have built ticketing solution which allows them to issue fiscal invoice against retail invoice with option to process month end invoice for non-fiscal transaction by just one click.


Our portal also offers batch generation of invoice, this allows companies to group multiple non fiscal invoice and issue single invoice to their customer. This is extremely helpful in case of corporate account like corporate travel account where multiple bookings are clubbed and invoiced as fiscal invoice every month.

We also offer many more useful features and easy integration with your existing invoicing and accounting system. Visit here to find out more on our AkkOn Invoice portal.